No-deal Brexit Traffic Chaos Feared by Rochford District Council



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Conservative-run, Rochford District Council has added insult to injury for those residents that have endured months of traffic chaos in the District with a comment made in the Daily Mirror about how they believe a no-deal Brexit is likely to cause ‘traffic chaos’ in the local area.

How much more ‘traffic chaos’ could occur, if closures of Watery Lane, Rawreth lane traffic lights & traffic lights on London Road can bring the area to a standstill?

Rochford District Council believes No Deal is likely to cause traffic chaos in the local area.

It says: “There is speculation that the major routes to and from the UK’s freight and passenger ports will become gridlocked as the freedom of movement which currently exists within the single market is replaced by border controls.

If this risk materialises, the Council’s proximately to those major routes means that there is a risk that the transport routes across the district suffer additional congestion as road users try to avoid major blockages.”

Daily Mirror

We’ve previously asked officers what ‘Brexit planning’ has been put in place at Rochford District Council and to our knowledge, the council don’t have any contingency plans in place. We suspect they will simply ‘point the finger’ at Essex Council Council over their highways concerns which is a common ‘get-out clause.’

A simple search on Rochford District Councils website just provides a link to the UK Government website

Of course, Conservatives have not contributed to the area grinding to a halt by their ill-conceived ‘Core Strategy’ and their unwillingness to challenge Essex Highways on planning applications at all have they?

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  • Think any road chaos in the Rochford districts is all ready here !!!! It’s all the new houses & old roads – with no new info structure . Nothing to do with Brexit !!! Please get your information from Rochford folk who live it daily !

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