Pre-Application Meeting to discuss Bloor Homes

All Rochford District Councillors have today received, what would appear to an unprecedented invitation to discuss what is described as

“an opportunity to further discuss the Bloor Homes, Ashingdon Road pre-application, prior to any forthcoming submission of a formal planning application, and provide feedback to the developer.”

We describe this as unprecedented as the invitation goes on to say…

 the invite will not be extended to representatives from Bloor Homes to enable a wider discussion to be had

…and we believe that a pre-application meeting would normally include the developer? Why do we wonder what has warranted this particular meeting? Do ALL developers have the council arranging meetings with Councillors to discuss their applications in this way?

  • I believe that the Ashingdon Group opposing this development have employed a expert professional to analyse the potential Traffic Impact. His findings are damning due to the incapacity of local roads and a
    particular junction ( sounds familiar to me !! ). Maybe
    the RDC Planning Committee are feeling a little vulnerable on this one and looking to spread the blame to Councillor’s in general?.