Next Rawreth Parish Council Meeting

… is next Wednesday 6th Feb at 7:30 at the Village Hall. Main items on the agenda are:


BEDLOES CORNER- Update regarding ECC Highways schedule of works to the overgrown bushes.

RAWRETH PLAYING FIELDS- Update regarding the meeting between Council, ECC Highways and RDC regarding the use of the playing fields and lack of parking facilities.

WATERY LANE- Update regarding the Enforcement action

RAWRETH LANE- Update regarding traffic surveys conducted in Rawreth Lane and the possible upgrading of gas mains.

JUNCTION OF CHURCH ROAD AND LONDON ROAD- Update regarding the provision for a street light.

Rawreth Parish Council always make the public feel very welcome. There will be a period of up to 20 minutes for public questions, and you can get a hot drink and a biscuit as well!