Chris Asks Some Questions

Chris Black has sent in the following questions for the West Area Committee at Rawreth Village Hall on Feb 14th:

1. What breaches of planning control at the Park School Site since 1st Feb 2007 is Rochford District Council aware of ? Please advise in each case whether the breach still exists.

2. Have any meetings, discussions or communications taken place between Rochford DC officers and potential applicants or their agents for any further planning applications at the Park School site?

3. What is the latest information that Rochford DC has about the completion of the neighbourhood centre building that was granted planning permission?

4. Is Rochford DC aware of any covenants on the use of the Park School site?
If so, what are they, and was Rochford DC aware of them during the negotiations with the County Council on the disposal of the site and during the time when Rochford DC was involved in the marketing of the mixed use land (that was bought by ASDA)?

5. When the new recycling contract starts, will recycling vehicles be able to go along Temple Way?

6. What is the latest news on the creation of the mini sports pitches at the Park School site?

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  • ….. and is there any news on the making up of Priory Chase – the surface and rubbish left by Wimpey are causing major hazzards.


    Can we have the streetlights on at the school end of the road please?

  • Can you ask those questions, CCR?
    (Myself or Ron can ask it if necessary – but the Area Committees are really for the public to ask questions – and as you are more knowledgeable on this issue than me, you would be more effective)

  • Chris, it might interest you to know that an ASDA delivery arrived at 11:20 on Friday night – when I went into ASDA on Saturday to complain, I was told that the driver of the lorry intimidated the member of staff (not the usual night manager) into accepting the delivery. The employee phoned another ASDA store who told him to accept the delivery. We have recorded approximately 5 instances where ASDA have attempted delivery outside of their permitted delivery hours.

    We have written to RDC Planning & Environmental offices on three occasions now. The first being on the 17th December concerning noise from a refrigeration unit held in the service yard, again on the 21st December and then on the 14th January concerning out of hours deliveries. Our fourth letter will be sent this week concerning the Friday night delivery. Although we have had confirmation from these departments that the correspondence has been received, we have not yet received any formal reply to our complaints.

    We therefore hope that lack of reply is indicative of these complaints being taken seriously and thorough investigations are being carried out.

  • You mite also like to know that on Saturday (02/02/2008) there was a ASDA lorry parked on double yellow line just out side ASDA at about 12:00. With no driver to be seen any were. And I was in there for ½ a hour and it was still there when I left.

  • This sounds like the type of behaviour that ASDA were using when building their store at South Woodham. I have heard a lot of what went on there but should probably not say too much here!!

  • Received a letter today from Planning Dept advising that ASDA had submitted a retrospective planning application for the two huge signs that front Rawreth Lane.

    Come on people, this is our chance for ASDA to not get what they want for once. If we all put in a rejection, the application may be refused. The grounds we could use for wanting the application to be rejected is that there is already ample signage to indicate that ASDA is there.

  • I have submitted my objection to this planning application online stating:

    “ASDA already have sufficient signage to indicate their presence (including signage to the side of the store that is only visable to the six houses that face the store or those that have already passed the store)

    The large illuminated sign to the front of the store is clearly visible from Rawreth Lane. The signage facing up towards Hambro Hill can not been seen until you are parrellel to the store and is therefore ineffective. The sign that faces down Rawreth Lane towards Makro will clearly be in the way of the building that is proposed to go in the corner of Priory Chase/Rawreth Lane and will ultimately block light to property that will be located in that corner.

    ASDA already have made their presence known and these additional signs are excessive.”

  • Corey is spot on – ASBO’s walked all over us & RDC during the last planning phase, how can they possibly get away with putting up large signs without permission and then bank on getting them through retrospectively. I urge EVERYONE to object asap.

    Corey – could you please supply the URL so that we can easily find the application on line, txs.


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