New Planning Application Just In For 36 Flats Behind Co-Op / Marks And Spencer




There’s a new planning planning application just in for “Demolition of Existing Buildings and Construction of 36 No. Two Bed Flats With Ancillary Parking and Amenity Space”. This is the location plan, as you can see it involves demolishing some commercial units behind the supermarket and next to the Castle Road Car Park:

location plan




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  • Why bother with planning permission at all. We’re in such dire need of housing apparently we might as well just get on and build them so long as the torys get their pension pots topped up

  • “Many a true word spoken in jest “………

    The ruling Junta clearly have a strategy to sacrifice the West of the district ( Housing / Ind Estates / Traveller Site ) to meet their Westminster driven quotas-
    Rawreth 500+
    Rawreth Ind Estate 230
    Hullbridge 500+
    Timber Grove 91
    this one 36
    Eon site 100+
    Heavy Ind Estate
    Light Ind Estate
    Traveller Site
    Plus no doubt others yet to emerge……

    Whereas Bullwood Hall site is to become low density ( millionaires row ) large
    Detached executive homes – now remind me again who’s Ward is in Hockley????

  • Lets hope the Councillors and Planners have made sure not one blade of grass is spoiling the view of the concrete employed in this development and that the eventual occupants sign up to uniquely use and enjoy using public transport. Just as they obviously do!

  • I haven’t made my mind up on this one of course but:

    The main planning issues here are likely to be:

    – the loss of the existing businesses
    – appearance and design
    – compliance or non-compliance with rules regarding things like car parking and amenity space, which is made more complicated by the site being so close to a car park and a park.

    In terms of location, though, its a brownfield site and we don”t lose any green belt and it provides homes for people .

  • The word from my Tory brothers on the street is that M&S are not proceeding with the old Co Op building. Given that nothing appears to be happening, no building, no tradesmans vans, no skips etc etc then remember, Tory Boy was the first with the news……

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