“It’s worth it. Some-one is listening”




There’s a bunch of consultants called UKNetMonitor who describe themselves as follows:

UKNetMonitor specialises in monitoring what the news sites miss. We watch what people are saying in discussion forums, in chat rooms and in their blogs.

We monitor pressure and campaign group sites. Not just an automated web-clipping service, our people actively monitor what is being written by consumers, employees, shareholders and activists.

We provide our clients, who include companies such as Asda, BSkyB, Saga, The AA, Anglo-American and Telefonica O2, with the very best early warning of public concerns and expectations.

They have just produced a list of their top 100 sites of the year:

It’s that time of year when we review where we have found what believe to be relevant, significant and influential comments about our clients. Not a serious analysis but here is our league table of the top 100 sites we have clipped from in the last 12 months. ….

Anyway, here is the top 100 websites we have clipped interesting posts from this year. For all you webmasters and moderators out there, the message is “It’s worth it. Some-one is listening”.

And guess what – we are included…. in amongst some pretty big names…

Number 1 is http://www.digitalspy.co.uk
Number 20 is http://www.bbc.co.uk
Number 42 is http://www.thesun.co.uk
Number 82 is http://www.guardian.co.uk
Number 90 is https://www.onlinefocus.org
Number 91 is http://www.bebo.com

There’s no doubt that this is due to the frequent comments here about Asda -and it’s nice to know that “It’s worth it. Some-one is listening”.

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  • I know Corey but bad publicity is still bad publicity and the more that is getting back to the States the better. We will soon see if their helping the community ethos stands up to questioning.

  • Talking about BSkyB, does anyone know when our exchange is going to be “unbundled”? I was hoping to take the Sky free broadband offer, but was told I couldn’t have it because our exchange needed an upgrade, so now I have to pay more than I feel I should for the service.

    I tried the postcode checker on Sky’s website, and it appears houses in the Love Lane area can have free Sky broadband, but on the Downhall Park Way estate we can’t. Is Love Lane on a different exchange?

    It feels like we’re the poor relation when it comes to communications services, with no unbundled exchange, no cable TV/broadband, and poor terrestrial TV signal. It doesn’t leave much choice.

  • Ian J, Thanks for the link.

    It appears that the Rayleigh exchange at the top of Crown Hill has Sky unbundled, but the Downhall exchange at the bottom of Crown Hill doesn’t. Now I need to find out whether I need to chase Sky to get the upgrade done, or BT.

  • Interesting that OFCOM does not consider the Downhall area as a “competitive market” for broadband availability, due to there only being 2 or 3 major providers offering unbundled connections.

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