Last Night’s Meeting – Travellers And Coral




In brief:

a traveller family were given a temporary, personal permission for a mobile home and two caravans in New Park Road, Hockley.

– the Coral application was passed.

Chris Black raised a number of issues he wasn’t happy with:-
– odours from takeaways- but at least these would be controlled by the conditions re ventilation and fume extraction.
– delivery hours – he got an amendment to stop Sunday deliveries
– hours of opening. Officers had not suggested any limits on hours of opening, Chris got a condition limiting opening to 0700-2300 hours.
-design of building. We understand that Coral are prepared to look at improving the design.
-number of possible takeaways. Chris would have preferred a top limit of one takeaway rather than two, but didn’t think this would stand up on appeal.

Ron Oatham felt the scheme was an improvement, but was concerned that a future owner could bypass the limit on hours by applying for a liquor license for late night opening.

– in the end Chris voted for, Ron voted against.

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