It’s A Dirty Business… But We Want You To Help Us Keep It Clean

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A bit like politics, house building is a dirty business! Especially when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

We’ve recently been inundated with complaints reporting debris and mud on the road and have taken this up swiftly with Rochford District Councils enforcement team who have been to the site and are monitoring the situation very closely. Not ones to sit on their laurels, our Councillors have also visited the site to reiterate that it is not acceptable that our residents should face these problems on a daily basis. They have informed us that road sweepers and wheel washers are in use daily.

So now that the Countryside development is well underway on Rawreth Lane, we are asking residents to be our ‘extra eyes’ and report any debris/mud on the road either directly to the council or to us. You can contact us easily here

There have been some reports of Countrysides road sweepers allegedly, discharging their ‘waste’ into local drains – if you witness this or any other ‘wrongdoings’ please again, get in touch with us or the council. Countryside are bounded by planning conditions and we will do our very best to ensure they are abiding by these to the letter!