“Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Rochford District Council development committee was once again abandoned last night due to another epic ICT failure!

Conservative chaos continues to reign over the councils ICT with the poor decision making which has moved beyond the embarrassment stage. As officers scrabbled to try to recover the ICT systems it was clear that not one of them had a clue how to resolve the problem, luckily the portfolio holder was on hand to offer some words of encouragement, or not and he had less of a clue than the others.

Professionalism doesn’t ooze from this committee and despite our lack of love for those developers who want to continue to rip our district apart with overdevelopment, they are only playing within the rules that the council have set. Clearly they are just better players! Is RDC playing a tactical game of stupidity to stall the developers and hope they go and play elsewhere as it becomes too costly for them to operate in our district?

Now if only the officers had come better prepared and taken a leaf out of the majority of Conservative councillors books who are still working to 1980’s standards. They could easily pick up this nice little overhead projector for a song and a couple of notebooks for a few quid more.

Oh, the irony of a planning department & planning committee that simply fails to plan!

It’s easy to be critical but despite ours and other opposition members to offer the council professional advice on moving to a successful ICT platform their inability to listen will continue to inhibit any successful implementation and continue to place more burden on the taxpayer.

We have to ask ourselves now if Rochford District Council are leaving the door wide open for planning appeals that are so costly and more often than not, the excuse used by the leader himself, as to why they just won’t challenge anything – are the Conservatives simply a party that are happy to roll over and have their tummies tickled by all and sundry?