If You Are Concerned…..




If you are concerned about the proposed 850 new homes between London Road and Rawreth Lane….

….. and are available at Rawreth Village Hall at 4 pm next Monday afternoon, please contact Hayley Bloomfield, the Rawreth Parish Clerk over the weekend.

103 Downhall Park Way Rayleigh Essex SS6 9QZ

Email clerk.rawrethparishcouncil@btinternet.com

Telephone 01268 631821

Saturday: Update from the Rawreth parish council website:

“The Parish Council have received a call from the Echo, they want to run a story on the LDF Core Strategy and how the proposals will affect Rawreth. One of their reporters was at the Parish Meeting on Wednesday evening and I understand a brief article appeared in Friday nights Echo, but they want to run another next week.

On this note they have asked as many residents, Councillors and people associated with Rawreth to have a photo taken. They have asked that everyone meets at the Village Hall on Monday the 10th of November at 4pm.

Could you spread the word and try and encourage as many people to be there as you can, this will further highlight how residents feel about the proposed housing allocations.”

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  • Well having looked at the Echo article and Cllr Keith Hudson’s response it would appear that he still needs educating on where Rawreth actually is!. “The parish council says it will ruin the village, but the homes are not proposed to go anywhere near the village”, well perhaps he could tell us where they are going, because last time I checked, the land between Rawreth Lane and London Road was very much in the Village and Parish of Rawreth, Cllr Hudson also says “as far as we are concerned this is an expansion of Rayleigh Town”, well this is probably why up until last month the land was always referred to as West Rayleigh, when are they going to admit and openly admit, the proposals are for Rawreth These proposals will hugely affect West Rayleigh and all the residents living in the area who regularly use the roads and amenities, it is not just the residents of Rawreth who need to fight this, Rayleigh need to join force with them and fight together to stop this District Council ruining our greenbelt and scenery forever. And finally cllr Hudson says, “The infrastructure is all pretty much there, you have the A130, Rawreth Lane and London Road”, well obviously he never uses these roads during rush hour, or when there is a heavy down pour of rain.

    Come on Rayleigh residents, speak out go to the exhibitions at Rawreth Village Hall on the 23rd of November and the 7th of December between 10am and 2pm, we know we are going to get new housing, but we can at least influence where it is put, brownfield before greenbelt, and smaller developments, not new towns!!! The proposal for Rawreth Lane is bigger than the current electoral count of Rawreth, so it is the creation of a new town, probably with a new Tesco’s to match the promised park, doctors and school. I take great pride in the area where we live, we chose to live here, and I intend trying to protect if for my children to enjoy.

  • We need to get Keith Hudson to consider other alternatives. I have already published this over at my site http://rochfordessex.com.

    The following option has not been examined at all seriously in the Rochford Core Strategy, even if it is to be rejected by the Council.

    I am referring to the option put forward by Seaside/Iceni for the East of the District which has been known to the Council for the last few years.

    In September 2007 the Council asked Members to notify what options they would like to see considered in the Rochford Core Strategy. I wrote the following in a formal letter in Shaun Scrutton, Head of Planning and Transportation.

    “I understand that Go-East is broadly supportive of a new outer relief road for Southend, though it stresses this would need to be built in partnership with Essex County Council and Rochford District Council and might be privately funded.

    On the basis that Go-East has already signified that such option should be included in the next Option Appraisal for the LDF, I formally request that Rochford District Council considers this infrastructural change, which has publicly stated Government support, in the way that it might affect Rochford District and the spatial housing planning allocation in relation to such infrastructural development and in particular that the whole requirement of circa 3,300 houses can be placed in the Eastern part of Rochford District in the LDF Core Strategy.”

    This request does not imply in any way that I am supportive of such option. I cannot make further comment because it has been ignored in the Core Strategy and I have no data to consider. But I believe that such an Option cannot continue to be excluded from the LDF Core Strategy Consultation. Without it the Rochford Core Strategy is fatally flawed.

    The Council has ignored this Strategic Option and inexplicably so because in the latest documentation this clearly refers to land in the Rochford District AND development of 5,000 houses up to 2021 which is well within the 2025 target referred to in the Rochford Core Strategy. Here is an extract which says this;

    “Two Strategic Development Areas (SDAs) are proposed – Fossetts SDA and Bournes Green SDA. Both are located on the northern urban fringe of Southend Urban Area. A substantial proportion of the land falls within the Borough of Rochford although the land traverses both Southend and Rochford Boroughs. Significantly, the land lies to the east of London Southend Airport and new access to both the Airport and the rest of Southend is a central component of the development concept.

    Rochford District Council has ignored the only potential strategic development in the District where it could work in partnership with Southend Borough Council and The Thames Gateway in consideration of the overall development of this Sub Region rather than just Rochford as some sort of exclusive patch.

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