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Can any of our very well-informed readers give us an estimate of how much it cost to build the new Rawreth School?


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  • Would RDC actually bother building a new primary school as there are already “plans” (of some sort) to double the intake population of St Nicholas Primary school on Priory Chase – as alluded to previously on these pages by The Revd Paul Trathen, Rector of Rawreth, Vice-Chair of Governors, St Nicholas Primary School.

  • Good question

    Well, page 38 of the LDF document states that the following infrastructure will be required for this site:

    • Primary school
    • Primary Care Centre
    • Link to Green Grid Greenway
    • Public transport enhancements
    • Sustainable drainage systems
    • Public park land to provide buffer
    between built environment and
    agricultural land to the west
    • Play space
    • Youth facilities
    • Community facilities

    Now this prompts a number of questions – such as do we want a lot of Rayleigh’s GPs to be moved to Rawreth? And why spend a million or two on building a new primary school when the County Council forecast is for 340 spare places in Rayleigh in 2012?
    If the housing can be spread around Rayleigh and Rawreth more evenly, we can avoid need to build a new school.

  • Of course, the provision of new schools is the responsibility of the County Council, who are remarkably good at U turns and procrastination, so don’t hold your breath

  • RDC admitted at last Thursday’s Eastern Area Committee that they have not costed their proposals.

    The District has long suffered from an inadequate infrastructure. Yet RDC are advocating scattering housing across 12 or more sites. This approach means diseconomies of scale result in totally uneconomic proposals which cannot possibly be cost justified. So what ever it says in the Core Strategy, don’t assume anyone can afford to provide them. We are doomed to even worse traffic congestion etc.

    I should be surprised that the council can put forwarded uncosted proposals but ………….

  • As a governor of St.Nicholas, Rawreth: Yes, if the school were able to double its size, then it would still not provide enough spaces for primary children. Over 1000 homes could bring in, say 1,000 – 1,500 children, (the average of 2/3 children per household). St.Nicholas could not, in any way, cope with this and other school/schools would be required. Sweyne Park and Fitzwimark could not cover the extra intakes and both secondary schools would need support from a new secondary school. All schools would not be able to cover this. This is before we even think of roads, public amenities etc.
    What are RDC thinking about? Or are they being pushed/threatened into this abominable situation?

  • Jackson’s website says £1.8 million.

    Official Opening Of ST Nicholas C Of E Primary School, Rawreth, Essex
    Representatives from ISG Jackson were pleased to attend the Official Opening of St Nicholas C of E Primary School. At the event, The Right Reverend John W Gladwin, The Bishop of Chelmsford, made a speech, then formally opened the school by unveiling a commemorative plaque. A Time Capsule was also buried to mark the occasion.
    The £1.8 million project was successfully completed to schedule in August, providing a direct replacement for the village’s existing school, but with greatly improved facilities and capacity for 120 pupils.”

  • It actually, in nett terms, cost a significant amount LESS than the £1.8 million, of course, when you remember that the sale of the former school site to new users generated a sum which was returned to ECC in due course, this year.

    On the broader question, I do find myself wondering about the school capacity questions. Chris is right that there is a projected shortfall over near-future demand for existing school spaces (at primary level) – will additional build necessarily be required (especially if the housing ends up being more dispersed)?

    I shall be thinking this through – along with all the other dimensions – when I see the ‘exhibitions’ over the weeks to come!…

    (BTW, well done to Rawreth Parish Council for responding creatively to this!)

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