How to get help with the cost of living in the Rochford District




As the cost of living crisis continues to go unaided by the government here are some (limited) schemes that may be able to help ease the burden in the Rochford District.




Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme

If you're an Essex homeowner with a household income below £30,000, you may be eligible for up to £10,000 of work to make energy efficient improvements to your home.

This could include fitting loft insulation, cavity or solid wall insulation or energy efficient heating (does not include gas or oil). The funding covers the entire cost of the improvements, up to £10,000.

Financial Help and Money Advice

  • Discretionary Housing Payments
  • Exceptional Hardship Payments

Council Tax Energy Rebate

The Government announced in February that an Energy Bill Rebate will be provided to households in England from April 2022 to help protect residents from rising energy costs. This includes a one-off payment of £150 to most households in Council Tax bands A-D.

Council Tax Discount Exemptions


Local Council Tax Support


Community Hub

Food Bank & Other Services

Citizens Advice Bureau


Essex Essential Living Fund


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  • Most food now seems to need referral. Perhaps a doctor!!!
    Die of starvation before an appointment. We have, at St Michael’s Church some food bundles which are 48hour emergency packs. To fill a gap till next pay day of other services can be accessed. We are not a food bank. Schools are aware of this. Just ask. Last person to ask had a bundle within the hour.

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