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As you can see, we are making some changes to onlinefocus. What you see now may change quite a bit….

Why are we making changes anyway? Well, lets compare onlinefocus to a van.

The version of wordpress software that we use is like the engine of the van. There’s a new “engine” available right now called wordpress 2.7, which will enable us to do more things, such as – hopefully – better video.

The different “themes” that we use as the background style and colours are the seat covers and paint job for the van – they make the van look good. We will be changing the themes that are available, because a lot of the old themes aren’t easily compatible with the new wordpress version

But of course, the most important thing is the actual content of onlinefocus – that’s the stuff that gets written here – our posts and everyone’s comments. That’s the cargo inside the van – without a good cargo, it’s not worth having the van in the place.

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  • I Think you have offered a good selection. Good to see that some of them are in large print. I am going to see how I get on with the page version. Colourful without being too hard on the eyes.

  • Hi Angelina. Thanks for the comments. A lot of the alternative themes are going to go – though I will definitely leave “page” in.

    When I have time, I want to have:

    – the main theme we have now
    – a few more attractive themes, such as page and tulip time (though the the tulip time theme is a bit old now and may not work properly with the upgrades)
    – a new ‘easy to read’ theme.
    – a theme in blue, and a theme in red, for those who don’t like yellow.
    – a very Lib Demmy theme
    – plus 5 more themes, based on local history, local science and nature, local government, local sport and local news.

    (one of the reasons for upgrading is that it makes it a lot easier to get each theme up and running with the same common content, just leaving me to add the extra bits I want on the ‘local’ and Lib Demmy themes, and to take off the bits I don’t want on the ‘easy to read’ theme)

  • Hi Chris. I’ve tried out some different themes, but now I’m stuck – I got as far as ‘notepad’, and I can’t access the options to change. (I can see the menu button, but it’s inactive.) That wouldn’t bother me if I liked notepad – bit I don’t!

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