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Chris Black is out today delivering leaflets in the Priory Chase area….

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  • Well done Chris, you looked frozen when I saw you.
    The delivery was perfectly timed as I had just switched on ‘Word’ to write my letter. The 4 objection headings came in very helpful.
    I hope this encourages as many people to take the time to object if they are worried about the consequences.
    Deanne will be pleased to know that you posted a letter at the home of Mark Francois.

  • There were stickers in some homes in Temple Way saying ‘No Cold Calling” . I wondered if they allowed “Cold Leafletting” because it was a bit bitter out there.
    I wasn’t able to get into the flats today, but did Priory Chase, Temple Way, plus the nearest bits of Rawreth Lane and Laburnum. And I guess you saw me deliver one to MF?

  • I don’t mind the cold leafletting – as the couple of hundred takeaway menus from Rocket Pizza will confirm – I just object to those that come round selling door to door – and it came in very handy the day after I put the sticker on the door, when all I had to do was point and close the door – no heavy selling tactics used, and I didn’t have to say I wasn’t interested half a dozen times before they got the message!

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