Did the Abatement Notice Work?




According to the Abatement Notice that the District Council served on Anglian Water, the smell from the West Rayleigh Sewage Works should have stopped on Feb 29th.

Any comments?

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  • Gloria, as I understand it the only lorries going there now should be for the ‘low-level’ activities that will continue on site now that the stuff from far afield (like Clacton) is going to Tilbury.

    But I know Rawreth Parish Council are keeping an eye on it…..

  • Dear Gloria
    You are quite right to question why foul smelling skips are still accessing Rayleigh West . As you are aware the process was due to cease last week but Anglian overan till monday . We have been assured by the EHO at Rochford that it did indeed cease . Tonight I have asked for clarification from Rochford what the timescale for removal of all caked material
    from the site as it has been obvious that material is still coming from there ,it has also been reported that a full container of cake was seen entering the site yesterday .There aways has been a certain number of tanker movement onto the site and that will continue but we are assured at a lower level and to be processed through the normal works . We will continue to monitor the activity closely . The machinery for mixing lime and sludge has been removed from the works so I can only assume that the residue is being cleared.

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