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  • Deportation Island: New Reality TV Show in the United Kingdom.

    Prime Minister Tony Blair announced today his cabinet would be launching a new reality television show. The reality TV show entitled “Deportation Island” will mark the Prime Minister’s directorial debut and represents a direct public relations offensive to combat sliding approval ratings. A poll conducted by The Telegraph places the Prime Minister’s personal approval rating at just 36%.

    Executive producers of “Deportation Island” include Home Secretary Charles Clarke and Lord Levy. Clarke was asked to become executive director following his extensive experience handling deportation issues. Only yesterday Clarke admitted that 1,023 foreign prisoners had been freed without being considered for deportation.

    “Deportation Island” will be an unscripted quest series that will feature teams of foreign and British convicted criminals who will be provided with a series tasks, aimed at getting them deported from the United Kingdom. The winning team will receive a non-transferable lifetime membership to the Guantanamo “super hostel” located in the Shetland Islands. Producers of the show confirmed earlier statements by the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) in regards to the fact the super hotels “ would feel like mini-jails”.

    To find out more about “Deportation Island” click on the link provided as part of the post.

  • It’s not Charles Clarke who should get the chop, it’s the Home Office “Sir Humphries” who are totally incompetent and ,of course, anonymous

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