Asda Application – you can comment online

The new planning application from Asda is on the District Council’s website here and you can leave your comments there as well- quicker than writing a letter….

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  • From reading the available information regarding the proposal to build an ASDA store in Rawreth Lane I completely agree with the Council that it is unwanted and will severely impact the local infrastructure.

    There are sufficient local supermarkets within easy reach by car (don’t tell me that many people will ‘walk’ to a new ASDA store and carry bulk shopping home without using their car!). Also it should not be forgotten that Sainsbury’s at the Weir is due to double in size in 2006.

    The adverse impact on the Rayleigh and Hullbridge shops and local traffic cannot be ignored.

    The government should NOT be allowed to bully District Councils into passing building applications that all their electorate are totally against.

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