Are You Smelling Something Bad – If So, Please Leave A Comment!




As explained below, Rawreth Parish Council have asked us to put a notice here about smells (presumably coming from the Anglian Water Sewage Treatment works along Beeches Road/ Watery Lane).

We know that some Rayleigh residents (and maybe some Hullbridge people too) are complaining to us about a sewer-type smell. If you do notice a smell , please leave a comment below with dates and times when the smell is particularly bad, your approximate address and if possible the wind direction. We can then pass this info onto Rawreth Parish Council to try and assist Anglian Water in pin pointing the part of their operation that is causing the problem.

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  • Hello everyone sorry to hear your situation with regards the sewage teatment works at Beeches Road, May I suggest that Rawreth Parish Council contact the clerk at Stambridge, as we in stambridge have been attacking Anglian Water about smells here fore best part of eighteen years. We have finally I hope fingers crossed succeeded in the abolition of smells from this site. (I do not wish to speak to soon).

    Kindest Regards

    Cllr Phil Capon
    Hawkwell South Ward & Stambridge Parish Council Chairman

  • Hi Chris

    As it is a warm night I left the front door open when at 20:40hrs a most evil emanation could be smelt (totally spoiling my enjoyment of the Italy v Romania rugby match). I do not know the wind direction, but I live in Trenders Avenue. Has Rochford District Council given the sewage works permission to cause a public nuisance by smell?

  • Someone in Chelmsford Road has spoken to us to say today that it’s getting worse rather than better . Very bad a couple of weeks ago, also bad today.

    Maybe it needs to be raised at the West Area committee? We know that other councillors – such as Pat Aves, who represents Central Ward – are concerned about this issue.

  • We have been aware of this pong since the beginning of Summer. Living close to the Farms between Hullbridge and Battlesbridge, we didn’t know if it was the Farm or the sewers. We have lived in Hullbridge 7 years, and it is the first time we have experienced it.

  • Anita (and others):

    The Environmental Health Department at Rochford DC are hopeful that most of the problem can be sorted out by Xmas – I’ve asked them to give me something in writing on this, and then we will write some more about it onlinefocus.

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