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Rawreth Parish Council had their September meeting last week. One of the main items was about smells from Anglian Water’s treatment site along Watery Lane. This is part of their minutes:

Cllr A Matthews confirmed that he had attended a further meeting with Anglian Water at the Rayleigh West site and that during that meeting he had been shown a new system which had been installed to try an eliminate the smell.

Council however noted that the smell was continuing and could now be smelt further afield.

Council requested that residents continue to note the dates and times when the smell is particularly bad and if possible the wind direction to try and assist Anglian Water in pinpointing the part of their operation that is causing the problem.

Council also requested if possible a notice be placed on ?Online Focus? so that residents outside the Parish who were also experiencing the smell could respond.

It was also reported to Council that they had been advised a new system is being installed at the Tilbury site and that Anglian Water are hoping that some of the works from Rayleigh West would be moved there once it was in operation, at this time however Council were given no indication of timeframes.

Council also noted the contents of a letter received from Cllr Stephen Castle in which a request for a meeting on site has been made directly to the Chief Operations Officer of Anglian Water Services or a senior member of his team, at the time of this meeting Cllr Castle has not received a response.

One positive piece of information Council were able to report is the repositioning of the signs at Beeches Road, and the agreement of Essex County Council to the erection of two new signs with weight restriction warnings and alternative route messages in Chelmsford Road. It is hoped that both of these positive steps will help in reducing the number of lorries using Beeches Road and Watery Lane.

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