Another Party?




We’ve heard rumours that tickets for another all-night open-air party in Trenders Avenue are being offered over the internet.

These are only rumours – but if you hear any more please let us know….

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  • If people are paying to attend a party – how can it be classed as a private party? – surely this constitutes a rave, and the police and local authority MUST take action.

    I would find it hard to believe that if you are paying to enter a party, that alcohol will be supplied free of charge, surely then, a liquor licence must be applied for?

    Just a thought!

  • Hi Corey. You are right if (and that;s only a rumour) they were selling tickets, then there’s more that could be done legally.

    However the latest I’ve heard today from someone in that part of the world is that action has been taken , ahem, “in house” to stop it happening again….

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