An RDC Planning Failure Leads to an appeal by developer




onlineFOCUS has learned that an RDC planning failure leads to an appeal due to non-determination. The application for 26 flats opposite the BP garage (Jems Co Car Sales) on London Rd was submitted to the District Council in February 2021. The applicant has now taken the application to the planning inspector and has cited the following reasons.

This is major development located in a prominent location, there has been both public and political
interest in the scheme. The appellant considers that the evidence should be explored in a public forum
given the scale of the development and level of interest, and a hearing is considered most appropriate
in this regard.

There is a protracted planning history and pre-application stage and application stage. Essex Place
Services supported the scheme insofar as they assisted to design the scheme, and both they and the
council have changed their positions. The appellant considers it is critical that the Inspector is able to
explore Places Services and the council’s evidence in a hearing format with regard to design. As the
council’s design expert the evidence of Place Services, in which their position has changed in the cours of the application process, it is vital that the Inspector has an opportunity to clarify these matters.

In respect of highway matters, the local authority has made assertions in the absence of evidence
within correspondences with the appellant. This should be explored further in a round-the-table forum
so that the Inspector is able to suitably understand the council’s position. The appellant considers that
the evidence needs to be tested in this regard.

Residents can submit any comments to the inspector by email quoting reference App/B1550/W/22/3302327

The full planning application is on the Rochford District Council website. Reference no. 21/00180/FUL

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