Where’s the missing affordable housing?



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The Echo has reported that Rochford District Council have accepted a settlement for £1m from Sanctuary Housing for missing its agreed affordable housing target


The question still remains unanswered though - how many homes did Santuary fail to deliver for the residents? With around 1000 residents on the housing register the priority for the Council should be to deliver for those in need of social housing instead of topping up their reserves.

In a recent article reported on housingtoday.co.uk it was stated

Sanctuary built two thirds of the homes it was originally planning to in 2021/22 due to ‘lingering effects of the pandemic’ it said.
The 81,000-home housing association’s financial statements revealed it completed 1,121 new homes in the year, 68% of the 1,644 homes it had originally targeted.
However, the figure represents a 34% increase on the 834 homes it built in pandemic-disrupted 2020/21. 
It said: “During the year we delivered 1,121 homes, 353 through joint ventures and consortia, including 666 economical affordable housing properties.
“While this is lower than expected due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, we remain fully committed to delivering affordable housing and communities in which people choose to live.”
The housing association giant has set a target of building 1,500 new homes in 2022/23.

In the year it brought 875 of its existing homes up to Energy Performance Certificate C and is planning to bring a further 1,500 up to the standard next year.

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