A Really Important Meeting Next Week- Part 1




The District Council have a really interesting Development Control Committee meeting next week, on Thursday Nov 30th. There are five interesting planning applications, and these are the first two:

1) The site of the old petrol station on the corner of Eastwood Road and Queens Road, Rayleigh. This site has been empty for about a year. Lots of people have asked what’s happening with this land – now we know!

This is an application to demolish the existing buildings on site and build a car wash and motor accessories shop.

The officers are recommending refusal, on the grounds that the siting of the building and the likely noise, are detrimental to the amenity of the house next door, 99 Eastwood Road.

2) Relocation of the Southend United Football Club and development of a 22000 seater stadium plus retail, residential, associated car parking and access works.

Whew. Applications don’t come much bigger than this. This is at the Fossetts Farm site ” just over the border” in Southend The application will be decided by Southend Borough Council but they have asked us for our comments. There’s a separate application for car parking just on our side of the border in Rochford District, and that will come to our committee in December.

There’s a lot to read here. The scheme includes:

  • New 22000 seater stadium including conference floor space and a players hostel. The stadium is designed like a bowl, with pitch well below the existing ground level.
  • Hotel with 114 bedrooms.
  • 127 flats in blocks 5, 6 and 7 storeys high. They won’t be any higher than the stadium itself.
  • 15 shop units with a total area of 22000 square metres . That’s a lot of retail space – much bigger than Asda in Rayleigh, for example.
  • Stadium parking for 520 cars and retail parking for 590 vehicles
  • The application in Rochford District has 454 more stadium parking spaces and four traing pitches.
  • Our council officers have clearly looked at this very carefully. Their main concerns appear to be extra traffic along Sutton Road, the impact of the retail units on Rayleigh and Rochford Town centres, the effect on the landscape to the north of the site, and the effect on existing homes in Smithers Chase and Templegate Cottages. But it’s up to the councillors as to what comments we pass on to Southend Council.

    We’ll write about the other applications tomorrow night…

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