A “Presidential-style” Council

After tomorrow night’s council meeting the District Council will be a very different place. The Conservatives are using national Labour proposals in order to bring in a new council constitution.

The Leader of the council, Terry Cutmore, will have greatly increased powers and will be elected to serve a 4-year presidential-like term. (Although he can be removed by a vote of no confidence). As an example of his new powers, he will pick his own cabinet – they won’t be elected by council….. and the cabinet members themselves will have a lot more power.

In the meantime, we’ve noticed that the Tories have a new deputy leader – Mavis Webster replaces Keith Hudson.

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  • Corey, We shouldn’t be surprised at the changes that the Tories are making to local government, it is called a self-preservation society! They were very scared at the last local election, they are just striving to protect what they have got. Unfortunately for the Conservatives it will not wash with the electorate next time. They had a get out of jail free card this time. The next few years with our team watching their every move and reporting it will keep them tied up. They will not be allowed to fabricate what ‘they’ have done for residents in their leaflets because we will put the residents straight. I hope Terry Cutmore enjoys his reign as ‘El Presidento’ because it will not last for more than four years. If the Tories were good for this district, I would not be so critical of them but they are not. They try and grab the benefit of issues that Chris and Jackie have been working on, they mislead and fabricate what ‘they have done’ in their leaflets and they treat people like idiots, well we are not idiots and we can see right though the charade they are feeding people. I am personally looking forward to the next few years. The residents of the District of Rochford deserve a better service and some respect, respect which this council just does not give them.
    By the way, have you heard the councillor for Sweyne Park on the radio recently regarding the No. 24 Bus, I think (unbelievable or I don’t believe it!). Next she will be telling us that she alone resolved the the issue of congestion outside the school in Little wheatleys (or dare she). I wouldn’t worry, really, they are taking local government back into the ‘Dark Ages’ and that will be their downfall eventually. Remember what happened to Maggie Thatcher when she stopped listening to people, well for Maggie Thatcher read the rest of the tories on Rochford Council. Just ask the people who have to put up with the stench day after day while the council take an age to put things right!

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