What We’ve Learned From Our Canvassing So Far

Rainbow over West Rayleigh this evening
Rainbow over West Rayleigh this evening

Canvassing is a pretty enjoyable experience this year.

In our key wards of Downhall & Rawreth and Grange our support seems about as strong as in previous years. People are generally friendly, and even those who are not voting for us are polite. We’ve even gained a couple of extra leaflet deliverers!

Frequently in Grange Ward residents tell us that they think Chris Lumley has done a really good job as a ward councillor.

Main issues? Well, national politics isn’t being mentioned much. (Though a few people are still pretty unhappy with the Lib Dem national party over Tuition Fees.) The main local issue is the proposed housing – residents are mostly concerned about traffic, flood prevention and schooling, which is what we expected. People are asking where the proposed Traveller site will be – it’s further away than most people had thought, though they are generally still concerned about it.

There are also a lot of very local items cropping up , such as parking in Grange Gardens, and on the junction of Fairland Close and Hambro Hill.

But away from the issues, it’s great walking around talking to people and chatting about things like their gardens. And – not for the first time this year- we’ve had someone praising the work of the Basildon Cardiothoracic Centre.

  • Well, we haven’t had a single canvasser call so far for either local or European. Leaflets delivered by post yes, mainly for Europe, nothing at all from the Conservatives for local elections. I think I feel neglected!

  • Christine, by the end of the campaign almost everyone in Downhall & Rawreth and Grange wards should have received two local leaflets from us. We are doing some canvassing….

  • I’m only kidding about feeling neglected. We’ve had leaflets and we rarely see a canvasser round here, not even at General Election time.