Wet Weekend




We’ve just received the following from the clerk of Rawreth Parish Council, Hayley Bloomfield

Hello all,
I don’t need to tell you that we are experiencing heavy rain at the moment, this is forecast to continue over the weekend.

If you have any areas around you where standing water is building up, or you think there is a risk of flooding please let me know, I can put calls into Rochford DC today, and they are asking us to do so. If you are concerned over the weekend you need to contact the Environment Agency via their Help Line or check their website, or you can call me and I Will where ever I can assist.

The situation is being monitored by the Fire Service and the Police, so any updates will be posted out by email.

For those residents in the Laburnum Way area, I have requested emergency maintenance on the Culvert this afternoon, I had a look this morning and noted a build up of debris which Will impede the flow of water, this will be cleared away later afternoon, but may be left on site until it can be collected.

For those residents in the Sweyne Park area, the height of the water in the ditch/culvert has also been reported.

We will update further if we get any further useful information. We understand that water is 3 feet deep in Watery Lane and that the road is closed, things are bad ditches are nearly full in Hullbridge Road, and that the ditch near the playspace in Sweyne Park is nearly overflowing.

UPDATE, 2PM Friday:
Latest news from RDC is that only two parish councils have contacted them today re floods – Rawreth and Canewdon.
If you want to know the latest flooding risks, they suggest contacting the Environment Agency or looking on their website
RDC does NOT have the resources to issue sandbags out to everyone. They advise that if you are afraid of flooding, seal the bottom of doors with a black bin liner and then put carrier bags or pillow cases full of earth on top.

If you want to report a problem , you can phone RDCs 24 hour number on 01268 527317. That puts you through to Basildon Careline, who will then contact the appropriaite council officer at RDC or ECC.

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