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We know that there are quite a few regular readers of our website out there … and we are very glad to have you. If you have never left a comment here because you weren’t sure what to say… here’s an opportunity, because we’d especially like your opinion on two subjects:

Turning off the Streetlighting. The County Council have announced, almost out of the blue, that they intend so save money by turning off some streetlights betwen midnight and 5 am. They will try this out first in Uttlesford and Maldon. Is this a sensible energy-saving idea that is the sign of things to come, and will let us see the beauty of the night sky again? Or do you think this going to lead to more accidents and crime? If they have planned this, shouldn’t it have been in the Tories manifesto in the last County Council elections? If they turn off the lighting near you, will you buy extra lighting for your home and garden?

The District Council’s Website. Rochford District Council have been adjusting their webpages where you can find out about council meetings, council agendas and councillors. The starting page is here. . If you are looking at our website you are clearly fairly proficient at using the internet. Do you think the council’s layout and wording is clear and easy to use? Could it be improved further?

Please leave a comment on either or both of these subjects!

UPDATE ON JULY 25TH: see here.

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