We Were Hoping To Bring You Some More Information On Council Matters….




….but Rochford District Councils website is broken again.

You could start to think that the Council don’t actually want you know what’s going on – with it’s broken website, items placed into exempt and lack of response to emails.

Rochford District Council website down again

The situation appears to become more hopeless by the day but it is possible it could all be explained by the lack of resource the Council has as they lose staff by the droves.

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  • Last year you featured a post relating to planning applications for the High Street, where the building currently used by Santander would change use to become a restaurant.

    Is this going ahead? I note in the Echo that Santander is closing a branch in Southend in line with a number of closures announced by the bank. Is the Rayleigh branch at risk?

    • Rayleigh Santander branch isn’t in their list of closures yet. We’re not sure what is happening with the application for a restaurant at the moment – will see if we can find out any more information and report back!

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