Victory on Car Parking Space Requirements for New Homes

At tonight’s District Council committee meeting, councillors agreed to keep minimum car parking standards for new homes. (This means two or three parking spaces per new house).

Although we expected it would be a ‘tooth and nail battle‘, things went quite smoothly. The officers indicated that government thinking has recently shifted enough to allow us to keep these standards.

This is despite some heavy pressure in the past to abandon them. We’ll write more on this tomorrow night.

  • This is something that I have campaigned on for a long time, It’s good to see common sense prevailing over the idiotic ideas of central government that we can all be forced to walk or use (often non-existent) public transport.
    People own cars, whether they use them or not and if they haven’t sufficient parking room they’ll just leave them on the roadand we’d end up with roads like some parts of Westcliff.