Two Pieces Of Information To Recycle




First of all, the homes in Beeches Road, Rawreth should get their missing bins either over the weekend or early new week.

Secondly- former Lib Dem candidate Elena Black has been wondering what bin to put empty Tetra Pak items into.

The answer from the council is that you can’t recycle them from home. Howwver you can take them to special recycling points for these Paks– the only one in Rayleigh is at Fairview Playing Field by Victoria Road.

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  • That’s useful to know.

    The Council website offers this information:

    “Carton Recycling Comes to Rochford!

    You can now recycle your paper-based drinks and liquid food cartons, such as those made by Tetra Pak, at four points in the District. Carton collection banks can be found at:

    Back Lane Car Park, Rochford
    Pooles Lane Car Park, Hullbridge
    Fairview Playing Fields Car Park, Victoria Road, Rayleigh
    Websters Way Car Park, Rayleigh
    Great Wakering Sports Centre, Great Wakering

    Each year, UK beverage carton manufacturers produce 55,000 tonnes of paper-based cartons for milk, juice, sauces and other liquid food/drinks. This equates to around 2.3kg of cartons per household which could be recycled instead of thrown in the rubbish bin!

    Rochford District Council is working with Tetra Pak and the carton industry body ACE UK (Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment) to establish carton collection points at key recycling points for residents to take their empty cartons to be recycled.

    Once collected, the cartons can be taken away to be baled and transported to a recycling mill. They can be recycled into a number of different products, ranging from plasterboard liner to high-strength paper bags and envelopes.”

  • Why are the local council constantly misleading the public by stating in all of their literature that Expanded Polystrene (EPS) is non recyclable.?
    EPS as it is known is 100% recyclable and is made into underfloor and cavity wall insulation so doing its bit further to lower the carbon footprint of homes.
    Kay-Metzeler who are part of the British Vita Group based in Chelmsford recycled 100% over 68 tons of household discarded EPS last year. EPS going to landfill will take up to 300 years to degrade which is why civil engineers build roads on it so why is the council so ill informed on this polymer.
    Could it be when local councils were approached about collecting EPS in municipal dumps for Kay-Metzeler to recycle it refused because all of their targets are based on weight and although large lumps of EPS take up space as we all know they are light as a feather.
    This is why in the summer all your Grass cuttings are soaked before they leave to increase the weight so making the recycling figures look better.

    These people should not give out false information on EPS and do something possitive when the recycling is on their doorstep, the only cost would be delivery to chelmsford which I am sure is nearer than the landfill sites up the A13.Their is no cost made by Kay-Metzeler completly free.
    Members of the public are more than free to deliver EPS to the site in Brook Street Chelmsford.
    For more information visit

  • Admin are you able to advise me on the following please:-

    1) Which bin do I put used facial cleansing wipes/cloths into?
    2) I’m assuming that cotton wool is compostible?
    3) Which bin do I put textiles in i.e not suitable for charitable donations?
    4) I’m curious as to why chocolate wrappers, biscuit wrappers and crisps bags can’t be placed in the recyclables bin?
    5) Why can’t Tetra Pak’s be placed in the recyclables bin?

    Your’s confused!

  • Sorry, I accept the need to recycle…………….But is the council seriously asking us to collect out empty drink cartoons together so they can be dumped @ 4 seperate places in Rayleigh.

    What If I was old and unable to make it to one of this places!!!!!!!!!

  • TWR: I’d say:

    1) non-recyclable
    2) if it’s clean
    3) take them to Castle Road tip (or other textile banks)
    4) because they’re not recyclable
    5) as admin says, they are a combination of card/paper and foil/wax – but they can be re-cycled, see my comment above.

  • Rayleighwatcher – to be fair to the council, I don’t it is asking people to take tetra pak cartons to Victoria Road – if it was making these a priority it would have found a way to include them as part of the kerbside collection.

    But there’s a percentage of people who are really enthusiastic recyclers – who really want the council to provide a method – and these collection points are for them.

    At least, that’s how I see it.

  • Admin – fair play, as with the percentage of people you mention, I too want the recycling scheme to suceed. Already I have noticed that the recycable bin is almost full, to which we normally would have just dumped.

    It’s just I feel this should have been handled much better, gradual introduction into recycling and better informed people. At the moment it seems the council are adopting a sink or swim attitude.

  • Its a nightmare, absolute nightmare, I am now a complete mess. Started well, throwing things in each bin, then someone said a cat pouch should be in non recyclables so started to look at few other platic or foil things now all in wrong bins I think, have now lost it altogether as really dont know now where anything goes, am practically sleeping with the instruction book. discussed in great detail where a mouse goes, well it has got bones in it so suppose compostables.

    Why these names, why not simple like food and garden, recyled or non recycle.

    Compostables and non compostables are doing my head in

  • Lucky you’ve got an instruction book Betty. Still waitimg for ours. All I’ve ended up with are the usual two copies (one delivered by hand and the other by post!) of Rochford MATTERS!!!! Seriously, most of us do want to see this work, but Rochford Council seem to have handled this very badly.

  • Gloria
    You must be getting my copy of rochford matters!! Despite repeated requests over many years i still never receive mine .Still i have a very nice instruction book which i delve into every night ! with different interpretations every time .

  • The instruction book although from the onset seems very good, it doesnt tell me where to put a few of the things I use, I am now keep trying to decide differences in plastic as 2 bins have it on the list, fraid its now a case of dip dip dip everytime I throw something away (apart from food and I do know where to put that) but bread wrappers, cereal wrappers, drinks cartons cat and dog pouches and aerosol cans and the wipes used for cleaning??????

  • Betty – I’m not an expert, but I’d say:

    bread wrappers – non-recyclable
    cereal wrappers – non-recyclable (cardboard boxes obviously are recyclable)
    drinks cartons – non-recyclable (but you can collect them up and take them to one of five collection points – see above somewhere)
    dog pouches – non-recyclable
    aerosol cans – recyclable
    cleaning wipes – non-recyclable

    In general, I’d say if in doubt put it in the non-recyclable bin – contamination is probably worse than sending the odd recyclable wrapper to landfill.

  • Thanks Sid, will be a wreck soon, one minute think Ive got it the next ………………. Drink cartons then will have to go in the non recyclables as unable to get to any depot.

    Still a bit mistified as to the number of bins as surely left over food stuff helps to compost all the paper stuff, you surely need a bit of everything to successfully compost.

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