Climate Change – and Care at Sweyne Court

There are two important motions being discussed at the County Council on October 10th:

The first is from the Lib Dem group, and deals with climate change, and what Essex as a very large local authority – bigger than some countries – should be doing:

1. Climate Change
Moved by Councillor M Mackrory, seconded by Councillor T C Smith-Hughes and supported by Councillor I A D Gale:
?Council recognises the damage to our environment that is being caused by climate change and accepts it should take responsibility for implementing appropriate initiatives to counteract global warming.
This Council therefore:
(1) will sign up to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change, currently supported by over 100 local authorities. This Declaration is a pledge by the Council to address the issues of climate change in the local community;

(2) requests an action plan to be drawn up within a year, stating the initiatives the Council is currently, and is proposing, to undertake in meeting the challenges of climate change.?

The second motion is from the Labour Group, and deals with a very important local issue (think of Sweyne Court in Rayleigh). It’s a subject that the Lib Dem Group are concerned about as well:

2. Care for the Elderly
Moved by Councillor Julie Young, seconded by Councillor P L Kirkman and supported by Councillor A T P Durcan:
?Council notes serious concerns regarding the continuity of care provision for its clients in former Essex County Council elderly persons? homes now owned and operated by Excelcare.
Council resolves to conduct an urgent review, through the scrutiny process, of the quality of care provided for the elderly and vulnerable individuals in those homes.?

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