Trinity Fair Enjoys Success and Skyhigh Profits?




The Trinity Fair was back after a couple of years of being absent due to the pandemic and with renewed popularity by many residents. Despite the welcome return, not everyone was quite so happy it seems. A comment attracting over 150 comments on the Rayleigh Community Facebook group has led to many not-so-satisfied residents with the cost of the goods and services on offer at the fair. In this thread, there was anger about the £5 ice creams and the lack of support for local traders. It’s alleged, that some local ice cream traders may have been frozen out by the event organisers and pitches being charged at inflated fees compared to the Wednesday market

“Rayleigh market stalls (3m x3m) are £18 for trading at the market on a Wednesday, traders at the fair were charged £80 for the same size area (before someone mentions insurance all stands had to have their own public liability insurance).”

Comment from Facebook group

Savvy visitors to the event did comment that they boycotted the food vendors and headed over to nearby King George V Park to use the cafe at reasonable prices.

We hope that Rayleigh Town Council will take residents’ comments positively and review how the operators of the fair support local traders in any future plans and ensure that the fair is accessible to all.

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