The Voice At The Other End Of Your 999 Call




For those readers interested in the public services, the Guardian is running a series of articles allowing some of the workers in those services to write about their experiences. A good example is this one:

…. I?ve worked as an emergency medical dispatcher for 14 months. I provide telephone triage to patients, and prioritise where limited resources will go first. I assess whether someone having a heart attack needs to be seen before a person with a broken arm; neither is more or less important, but one could die. Like any NHS service, the ambulance service has to determine medical need and treat accordingly. There are simply too many people relying on the service, and not enough ambulances to help them.

Getting an address, which is imperative to finding a patient, can be one of the hardest tasks. Drink and drugs account for the majority of weekend calls. I don?t judge ? lots of people enjoy a night out ? but this evening I had a call from Steve, and I didn?t like Steve…

Full article here.

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