The Officers’ Report On Asda Deliveries Application

Here’s the end of the report on the Asda delivery hours application:

4.27 The retail store was originally allowed on appeal under application reference 05/01049/REM. The store was modified by a further application to amend details to the building allowed on appeal. In the consideration of the issues concerning the provision of the store the Inspector allowed the building, subject to the specific condition limiting the delivery of goods to between 0700 hours and 2300 hours.

4.28 The applicants state that the extra hour in the morning would allow for an extra one or two deliveries. The store currently opens between 7.30am ? 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4 pm on Sundays and that the restrictions in place hamper the re- stocking of the store, causing a problem in the supply of fresh goods. The applicants state the variation of the condition would reduce current problems of HGVs currently waiting at the gates in the mornings.

4.29 The Council?s Head of Environmental Services disagrees with the findings of the Delivery Noise Assessment and takes the view that the arrivals and departures will result in an unacceptable increase in noise to those residents adjoining the site fronting Priory Chase. The application should therefore be refused and the existing condition allowed to stand.

RECOMMENDATION 4.30 It is proposed that this Committee RESOLVES to REFUSE the application for the following reason:

-1 The proposed variation in hours to allow deliveries by service vehicles from 0600 hours would by way of the noise levels created by the delivery vehicles during their entry in to/exit of the delivery yard, have a significant adverse effect upon nearby residential premises. A level of 73dBLAF,max or lower must be achieved at the outside of a closed bedroom window in order to attain a reasonable internal night-time level.

The Delivery Noise Assessment submitted in support of the application indicates that this cannot be achieved at the fa?ades of nearby closed bedroom windows. Therefore, a reasonable internal noise environment is not attainable, and certainly not during warmer weather when bedroom windows may reasonably be expected to be open.

The proposal would therefore prove detrimental to the amenity that ought reasonably be expected to be enjoyed by residents in Priory Chase adjoining the site contrary to parts (iii) and (iv) to Policy PN5 to the Rochford District Replacement Local Plan (2006).

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  • whatever chopper it was, it spooked my dog and also my daughter’s dog who is staying with us whilst they are on holiday!! It was loud, low, very visible at 12.09a.m. (just after midnight) the lights were shining bright and although the chopper was not visible until I went into the garden, it was then apparent the chopper was immediately over my house. Saying that, my 84 yr old mother,who was also staying with us at the time, slept through the whole event!!! The dogs were, however, very disturbed by it and took some time to calm down after 12.23 am when the chopper decided to slowly move away. Surely someone – air traffic control? should give some answers.

  • Here is the answer. Someone had slit their wrists and run off bleeding profusely, and the police were called to look for them. Given the nature of the area, they used a helicopter to search for the person. They were not able to locate the person concerned but they turned up safe early the next morning.

    Rita, I think that you need to get a perspective on things – disturbed dogs etc are nothing. Whatever the helicopter was doing, it was doing police work, and if it was you who had been burgled, had your car stolen, mugged, raped or whatever else and the police officer attending told you ‘Sorry, we can’t use the helicopter to search for the criminal because we have too many complaints from residents about the noise it makes’

    At least three times over the past few months I’ve been woken by the helicopter noise at night, and while it may be annoying I know that there must be a good reason for them to be there.

  • Anonymous, many thanks for this information, which certainly puts a new light on things.

    To be fair to Rita, she didn’t know it was a police helicopter – in fact one of our previous commentators had suggested it was an army one.

    I don’t think anyone would complain at all about a police chopper in the area at any time….

  • In Response to the article from the Evening Echo, posted by Corey, How appropriate that no one from ASDA were available to comment?

    I think it is absurd that Matthew Featherstone has not once communicated to local resident’s, right from the word go, and judging by the state of the store, its being run into the ground. [EDITED BY ADMIN]

    People of Temple/Priory and Rayleigh, vote with your feet, it is the only way that large corporations like this stand up and take notice. Shop elsewhere.

  • Interested to know how the store is being “run into the ground”!

    I believe that the store is one of the most profitable Asdas around – from what I have heard whilst shopping in the store and keeping my ears open?

    Also, for me the store has been a Godsend – it has saved me money, petrol and time in not having to drive a 12 mile round trip to Tescos on the A127 or Asda in SWF – and in this day and age that must be a good thing? Reducing carbon footprints and all that?

    Finally, did those people moving into new properties on Temple Way/Priory Chase not know the extent of the store and consider the implications thereto? We certainly did from plans that were freely available to view publicly? Unless Wimpey were being economical with the truth in their efforts to make quick sales and misleading people of course?

    I have lived on several new developments and always made an effort to check out what is to be built nearby and realise the implications of such developments – e.g. when I lived in Shotgage and the A130 expansion was mooted!.

    Just my humble opinion!

  • CCR – I agree with you that having an Asda’s just across the way is very handy, although I tend to shop elsewhere when doing a full shop purely because I can’t find half the things I want in Asda!

    As for considering the implications of having this store where it is, I suppose that is something that comes with experience. This is the first new development my partner had bought and, whilst we knew there was the potential for a supermarket being built across the way, we never imagined the problems it could bring with it, nor did we know that there would be scope for further planning applications on the same site!

    As you’ve all probably gathered by now, my biggest issue with this area is the parking situation on Priory Chase, and when I moved in I never expected this to be such a big issue. It was only after the double yellow lines were layed down and I started talking to others I know who live on new developments that I now realise that parking is an issue in most new developments! Like I said, experience counts for a lot and, for some of us, this is a first for us.

  • Chris, thanks for your comments – and also Anonymous for your cynical comments! We were all wondering what the chopper was doing and for such a long period. I was merely stating what happened in my house and not moaning about the fact that they were obviously looking for something, or someone.

  • CCR, as previously mentioned on this site, myself and my partner have only ever purchased new properties, this being our 4th in about 12 years in the UK as well as a condo in New York City. So we are very well aware of the economical truth that is given by developers. However, I would say that even economical truth was taken to an all new low by Wimpey Sales.

    Myself and my partner did look at the plans when we purchased our property almost 3 years ago now, and I have to say the plans that were available at the time, are completely different to the store we now have before us. I should also point out that at this moment in time we are in the middle of a legal battle with Wimpeys (over a construction issue) and have to say that again they have been seriously economical with information given to our solicitors and also to the NHBC.

    As for your comments about ASDA being a profitable store. How can this be? I have been into the store during various times during the day to find shelves empty. It’s hardly surprising that people are spending less on weekly shopping in ASDA, there is only half the choice if the store was fulling stocked, and even then would still have half the choice of Tesco.

    I use the store only in an emergency and use Tesco for weekly shops. There are plenty of other ways I can reduce my carbon footprint.

  • Corey – I have it on very good authority that the store is trading well above target at the moment!! The store appears to be winning over customers that would usually visit the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury etc in the current climate. I am sure you have seen in the press recently that they have become Top Supermarket for the 11th year running? I, for one, cannot afford to do a full shop at Sainsburys anymore – it is just too expensive.

    I do a full shop at Asda every week (for a family of four) and prefer it to the larger stores – not so much temptation – but still a few clothes and extras etc – it suits me, and loads of Mums at the School etc, fine. I also pop in to top up on fresh items too.

    As for the shelves being empty – here is the catch 22 – if they cannot have the deliveries they want then they cannot get the stocks into the store and onto the shelves. Although, I must say that when I go into the store, just after school drop-off, the shelves always look well stocked to me and it only seems to be at the end of the day when the shelves are empty – no doubt due to the amount of shoppers filling their baskets with bargains throughout the day?

    I agree with what you say about developers though – been there done that!! Wish you well with your battle and if you need any legal advice please feel free to email me?

  • CCR – if they can not get all the goods they need to operate a store with full shelves that is open for 13 and half hours in the 15 hour delivery window Monday to Saturday, and the 15 hour delivery window on a Sunday for the 6 hours of trading, then sorry, that indicates poor management to me. Anyone care to agree with me?

    However, perhaps you would like to walk in our shoes for 5 minutes (perhaps at 6:30 on a Sunday morning when we are woken by an out of hours delivery) and then perhaps you might be singing from the same hymm sheet as those of us that have to deal with their inconsiderate and anti-social behaviour!

  • Corey – I did not say I agreed with their delivery practices.

    Thanks for the offer of popping round – think I will stick to this end of the park LOL!

  • Very nice (not!), noisy delivery attempt at 6:10 this morning, driver banging on gates and shouting to be let in! I wonder how many more emails we have to send over to RDC before they stop doing their nice little visits to have a chat with the manager, (who promises it will be looked into and won’t happen again), and they actually do something about it!

  • Is it me or do the Asda delivery lorries seem to be getting bigger? If bigger lorries means fewer deliveries, then perhaps that’s better for the environment, but on the other hand is Rawreth Lane built for the additional weight? I suspect not!

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