Sutton with Shopland Website




Sutton with Shopland Parish Council has a new improved website here.

It looks good – better looking than many other parish websites….

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  • I have been looking at town and parish websites recently as I wanted to see how Rayleigh’s compares. There are some very ggod websites out there; some are very informative and have a “welcome to our town” feel to them.

    I was encouraged to hear that Rayleigh Town Council have been discussing updating theirs as it is quite out of date and given that the information in the library only goes up to March, it would be beneficial for the website to give up to date information.

    I know that this is more work for the administrative staff but as a person who uses the internet on a daily basis and has an interest in the community, I would dearly like to be able to access agendas, minutes and indeed a list of town councillors and committee members online.

    I also think that the website could be a useful tool to demonstrate the facilties and attractions in Rayleigh.

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