Social Mobility in Rochford District




Most people would agree that, in a ‘good’ country , someone from a poor or disadvantaged background should be able to achieve success in life. We’ve hopefully moved beyond the feudal age. So it follows that in a ‘good’ district , the same also applies. But just how socially mobile are we in Rochford?

There’s some new figures out from the government that are at least mildly interesting on this. Where does Rochford come ? In the top 30 % of districts in England. Which isn’t bad. That’s better than Southend, Basildon and Castle Point. Maldon comes top in Essex.

You may wonder how these things are calculated. Well it’s based on a lot of statistical data. We could say it’s hard to explain, but actually we don’t understand the calculations either. 😉

overall rankings

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  • We are returning to the good old Victorian days surely. Those with will be/are:
    – better educated
    – have better health provision
    – have better housing
    – get better jobs
    There is nothing to be proud of in this country with regards social mobility.
    The rich are getting richer,and the poor poorer. This country is as class ridden today as it ever was.
    Our political classes should hold their heads in shame that they have benefited from free University Education but now deny it to our poorest.
    Not really that important where Rochford appears in this league table of relative disaster and social injustice.
    Remember to coalition? This was when the Lib dems allowed the Tories to perpetuate this sorry state of affairs, keeping cloth on the backs for a brief period of time. Thanks, and so much for traditional liberal values

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