Rayleigh’s Dawn Chorus….




One Rayleigh resident has told us he’s had six different species of bird nesting in his garden this year- chaffinch, hedge sparrow, house sparrow, robin, wren and blackbird.

Can anyone equal this or do even better?

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  • I may not be able to beat the number of birds, but every night I watch the fox cubs and their mother playing in the field in front of my house and along the drive.

  • I’ve noticed the variety of birds we see in the garden has increased a lot in the time we’ve lived here, maybe it took a while for the development to settle before they started to come back.

    We see a lot of collared doves and wood pigeons (always in pairs), blackbirds, robins, and the occasional jay. There’s also a lot of starlings, and recently we have been visited by what looks like a thrush. In the evenings we often see bats flying around, catching insects.

    The squirrel population is verging on problematic, they look cute and fluffy, but can make a mess of your wiring if they get in your loft.

    A few weeks ago I also saw a badger foraging alongside the COW waterway that runs through the estate. I’ve seen them running down Eastcheap and into Willow Drive, so must be living in the area.

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