Sereena Davey – Our Candidate In Castle Point

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Sereena Davey was born in Essex and attended her first primary school in Chelmsford. She grew up in north Hampshire but returned to the county to study for a degree and Masters at the University of Essex.
Sereena has had a long career in public affairs helping companies and organisations campaign for change. As well as working in Parliament, she worked for the NSPCC where she helped strengthen the law on sexual abuse, the RAC where she worked on road safety issues, and a major global IT services company where she gained business experience supporting the delivery of government contracts.
She also worked on the Lib Dem project team – led by Nick Clegg – which conceived the Pupil Premium policy over a decade ago. Now implemented by the coalition, Sereena is proud that the Premium supports the most disadvantaged children and the schools which educate them.
As a firm believer in public service, Sereena has volunteered regularly throughout her life, from working in a WWF conservation camp as a teenager, to becoming Vice-Chair of charity of supporting adults with learning disabilities in her late 30s.
Sereena would work hard to represent the residents of Castle Point, combining an understanding of how policy and laws are made, with a firm grounding in life as a busy working Mum and all the challenges that presents.
She is married with two daughters aged 3 and 4, and a keen runner and yoga enthusiast.

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  • Hello Sereen, unfortunately I cannot vote in the general elections because I am french , having lived and taught in essex for 47 years, however my husband is a Libdem supporter and we are doing our best to convince friends and relatives to vote for you in Castle point. It is very difficult since you are not on social medias as far as we know and we don’t see any local campaign for the Libdem locally, the Tories were outside Morrison in Hadleigh this week! So many people are remainers now ( having changed their mind too late unfortunately) and are looking for an alternative vote! Good luck!

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