Residents Victory Over Ashingdon Rehab Scheme




A government inspector has refused permission for a controversial drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic at Ashingdon Hall.

The inspector said there were “real concerns about the possibility of disruptive or frightening behaviour as a result of patients leaving the centre”, and that ‘the proposals would cause significant harm to the character of the appeal site and the area in its vicinity, with particular reference to the amenity of nearby residents and in terms of their perception of safety and that of their children”.

This is a victory for the residents who opposed the scheme – and for the councillors who supported them. What is particularly significant about this decision is that our planning officers recommended approving the scheme . At a time when it is hinted that councillors don’t really know what we are doing, and that we rashly refuse planning applications when we shouldn’t do , this is a demonstration that “councillor power” is still effective.

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