Rayleigh Conservatives Taking People For Granted




Ron Choppen stood down as a Tory councillor for Rayleigh Central ward nearly a year ago. But the Conservatives still haven’t removed his name from their website and put Cllr Pat Aves on there instead!

Ron and Pat are both nice people, but the Rayleigh Tories as a whole are clearly so complacent that don’t bother to let residents know who their councillors actually are….

UPDATE 24.03.07 – We understand that the Conservative Webmaster is unwell at the moment and the Conservative Association is unable to access their site

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  • Please could you clarify whether or not a councillor who has stood down is still eligible to sit in a committee?! Rumour has it that Cllr Choppen has recently been spotted in a King George’s Committee meeting though I do not know in what capacity. If he was there to support the marvellous Rayleigh Boys Youth Football Club then all the better!
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  • Well, Cllr Choppen was not at the council meeting that I just attended but there were some other friendly faces there! It was good to put faces to names and so much more enlightening and productive than an exchange of letters. Plus the website has some recent additions which is very helpful too.

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  • Ron Choppen is still a Town Councillor for Wheatleys (and seems very happy – but if he’s not careful he’ll get a reputation for being pro-football !!).

    But he’s no longer a District Councillor for Central Ward – and their website still says that he is, 10 months later.

  • Thank you for that clarification.

    I personally have no idea whether or not the councillor for Wheatleys (and not central ward) is pro-football but the other councillors at the meeting today certainly seemed very willing to help find a way forward for teams in Rayleigh.

    I can’t think of a Latin saying to go with this off the top of my head- must try harder 🙂

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