If you want to keep an eye on how your MP – or any MP – votes – have a look at The Public Whip website.

It gives you information on when an MP has voted differently to his or her party’s official view on an issue. Plus a lot more information if you look for it…

For example , in Colchester Nick Barlow has just used it to check here on how his local MP voted recently about the issue of VAT on female sanitary protection products… Which is an issue we might come back to next week…

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  • OK, hands up, I have only had a very quick look at this but here is a direct copy, interesting that our useless, £102,000pa, invisible MP voted thus:

    Offence of Failing to Prevent Smoking In an Enclosed Vehicle in the Presence of Someone Under 18 — 11 Feb 2015 at 21:06

    Mark Francois MP, Rayleigh and Wickford voted against making it an offence to for someone in charge of an enclosed vehicle to fail to prevent smoking within it if someone under 18 is present.

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