Proposed Changes to Bus Stops in Rayleigh High Street




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It has been bought to our attention that the bus stop outside the library heading into Rayleigh Town Centre causes congestion. In order how best to consider the ability to retain a stopping facility in the area a proposal has been put forward to remove the bus stop from the existing location and install it in the lay-by outside CO-OP funeral care which is currently a loading/unloading bay. It is felt that this proposal would ease traffic issues within Rayleigh.

Below I have inserted some snap shots of the areas in concern.


In Rayleigh High Street there are currently have 2 stops, however these are not quite long enough as they are currently laid out, to enable easy use. Ideally, we need a third stop to be accommodated here – this could be located further towards London Hill if that makes things easier – however the preference would be to add a stop at the western end of the current bank of 2 (see screen shot below). A proposal has been put forward to extend the existing lay-by. large enough to operate correctly and for a third stop to be provided as and when required.

By removing the area hatched in red it would combine both the bus cages and the existing lay-by which houses timed parking and a taxi space.

Obviously, at this moment these are only thoughts/proposals but before going further thoughts/comments/support/rejection from Essex County Council and Rochford and Raleigh Council would be gratefully received.

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