Preschool Passed

The Downhall Under Fives application was passed tonight by 16 votes to 2.

A condition was put on against any evening use.

Chris Black moved approval , Ron Oatham seconded it.

Notable support also from Tory leader Terry Cutmore.

Full report tomorrow

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  • I would just like to say, personally and on behalf of Downhall Under Fives, thank you to everyone who supported our application, and for the huge amount of comments that were posted. I copied and emailed 63 of them to be included in an addendum for tonights meeting, and they were, without the huge support we have received this could have been a very different outcome. The kind and supportive words gave us hope that we could make a difference, and overturn the officers recomendation, and we did. We can finally plan for the pre-school returning to Ferndale, something we thought would never happen. We have battled against the odds and won a future for Downhall Under Fives and so many people have played a part so thank you.

  • I hope they won’t mind me saying this – Hayley and Michelle were struggling to hold back the tears as they left the meeting tonight. It meant so much to them….

    They deserve a lot of credit.

  • Woooo Hooooo!! I’m am so excited! what a great meeting it was. I am still laughing to myself about the resident who stood up to object…saying he was concerned about the green-belt, and then saying he only saw the planning sign when he went out to pick up a piece of rubbish, as he never goes up the path (to the green-belt)! Hayley Bloomfield did us all proud, and he speech was very moving, and from the heart. I look forward to seeing it all in the Echo!!

  • Whilst yesterday evenings decision was the best outcome for everyone supporting the pre-school, and the one we had all hoped for following hours of hard work to prove the facts regarding the planning history of the site, and our previous permission to use it, we have not overlooked the feelings of the small minority of residents in Ferndale Road who opposed the application. We have always maintained that every consideration was given to the residents during our use of the site, and this will remain unchanged. We have been totally honest in saying that no complaints were every received by the school, and we stand by this. When we return to the site, we will ensure our parents who have to use the car, do so with consideration for the residents, of Ferndale Road. As a whole, the support for our application has been overwhelming, we have pushed for this decision for our children, and the future children in this area, we can work together to build a brilliant new base, and any help that residents and local and national companies can offer would be gratefully received. We want to work with the community for the future of the school. No bad feelings, lets pull together.

  • Well done! I am all in favour of helping our children who happen to be our future. If we fail them now, we have no right to complain in 25 years time when they are in control of our future.

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