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We’ve heard today about a near-accident at the pedestrian crossing in Down Hall Road, Rayleigh near Brooklyn Drive and Preston Gardens.
Reportedly, a car just didn’t stop.
What do people think about upgrading it to a Pelican Crossing (one with buttons and lights) ? Is this something we should be pushing for?




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  • Chris is there any research into how many people don’t stop at a zebra crossing as compared to a pelican? I feel that zebra crossings are generally safe but in poor light or at nightime it is harder to see if someone is waiting to cross than a red light. I hope those involved in the near accident have recover quickly.

  • This crossing is an accident waiting to happen….I walk my children to school (and back) and I use the crossing at lunchtimes when I go to work, so I use it aprox 6 times a day, 2 of those times, with the children. I have lost count of how many times I have stood at the crossing, and no one has stopped, and worse, I have been on the crossing and people have been stopped on one side (hence me crossing) and cars have just driven over the crossing on the other side. My daughter was ON the crossing tonight as a car had stopped and I had told her to start making her way as the car coming the other way was some distance away (she was on her bike, as was my other daughter and myself). She was almost half way across when I realised the other car wasn’t going to stop (despite cars behind it slowing down) and I yelled at her to stop and get back. She was frightened and I was furious. How many times will this happen before we end up with a child/adult actually being hit, or worse, killed. I for one, do not wish to see bunches of flowers tied aoround the beacons becasue someone has lost their life.
    The Highway Code states the rules quite clearly…..(195)

  • If you are pushing for highway works in Downhall Road, I think traffic lights or a mini-roundabout at the junction with London Road would be a better use of the money, as turning right from Downhall Road is a nightmare. Also it may slow down cars leaving Rayleigh town centre, as I hear there was a bad accident there today.

  • Sarah – I haven’t seen any research, sorry.

    Ian – you are right to remind us that all highways schemes cost money and we have to prioritise.

    For quite a while I’ve been hoping to get a pedestrian crossing in Hullbridge Road near Lubards Farm.

    Upgrading the existing crossing in Down Hall Road is clearly an issue though.

    Regarding the London Road / Down Hall Road junction, I think County Highways first designed a scheme for traffic lights back in the early 1990s (!) but decided that if they had lights everything would just grind to a complete halt. It would certainly slow down traffic leaving Rayleigh Town Centre , but when drivers finally got through a green light, wouldn’t they just speed up and be as dangerous as they can be now (or actually even faster as they would have a clear road in front of them)?

  • It isn’t just this crossing that is dangerous. I’ve nearly been knocked down twice in the last couple of weeks on the crossing in the High St. opposite the Funeral Parlour just down from the library. Each time it was something turning left out of Eastwood Road that just didn’t stop. First time I had to jump backwards to avoid being hit and the driver didn’t even acknowledge that he’d only just missed me. Second time car zoomed across in front of me when I was almost halfway across and again the driver didn’t even acknowledge I was there. Each time it was mid morning, bright day, so no visibility problems.

  • Having nearly been hit on the crossing several times during my daily commute, I wrote to ECC who checked the crossing and confirmed it was properly signed and lit. They advised that the problem is more likely to be to do with the speed at which drivers approach the crossing (boy racers driving side by side at 60/70 the other day being an example) rather than the crossing itself. Doubt there would be much scope to reduce the speed limit as it’s probably classed as a main road.

  • On a similar note – there was a serious accident outside the Hungry Horse junction yesterday afternoon. Don’t know the facts as yet ( looked at the Echo but it’s the usual made-up “truth” in the comments section.

  • Given the apparent frequency of the events at the crossing, perhaps the overt placement of a couple CCTV cameras would deter such behaviour, since placing a traffic officer there 24/7 would obviously be impractical. I fear that whatever type of crossing or lights, and however many are installed they would still be ignored on occasion, just as so many drivers willfully ignore speed limits. Only a strong physical barrier could actually PREVENT those determined to transgress at crossings or lights, and that would be equally impractical.
    However, if some CCTV coverage of miscreants was available AND any violations are promptly reported to the police by pedestrians/local residents to spark a review of it, there would at least be the retribution of fines/penalty points/bans to deter such repeated behaviour. Then in the unhappy event that a death or serious injury is caused, the subsequent lengthy imprisonment of offending drivers would be almost assured, sparse comfort that it would be to any victims and their families.

  • Chris is correct regarding Lubards Farm and the attempt to install a proper crossing there. We have been trying for nearly 3 years for this with the suport of Rayleigh Town Council. The cost would be over £100,000. The Downhall Road crossing would prbably be cheaper due to existing items being there. Will look at this site possibly Tuesday or Weds to see how bad it is and add further comment later.

  • Went Weds morning 8.35 to 9.00 and in that time traffic was very steady but no one seemed to be speeding. Only 8 adults and 6 childen crossed during this time and of these 2 adults and 1 child crossed twice. 1 van could have stopped for pedestrians but did not but there was no traffic behind it.Visibility here is quite good and on these findings a neutral observer would not support the expense of changing the situation. Of greater concern to me would be the people on phones as they pass by a school approach.

  • Thanks Bruce. The crossing could do with a lick of paint and the ‘school’ sign coming from the West difficult to see at some points along the road due to trees. Anyway, great that you are coming to have a look :0)

  • Just wanted to mention the accident that happened, not far from the crossing, last Thursday. 76 lady hit by a car. People drive TOO FAST along that road, and there doesn’t seem to be anything being done about it.

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