Pathetic Progress On Potholes Fixed

This month we have the local MP writing that he’s had 43,000 emails from across Rayleigh & Wickford constituency (thank god the taxpayer for the extra allowances MP’s were given to upgrade their offices eh?) and that “…the number one subject in the town of Rayleigh is now, overwhelmingly, highways and roadworks”. (when did this ever change???)

Well a two-hour meeting with County Councillor, Lee Scott and the MP has said he has had it pretty clear to him that “ECC Highways needs to seriously raise its game”

Well it shouldn’t be too difficult for the shambles of ECC Highways to “raise its game” going on these stats published in Essex Highways ‘Highways Highlights’

In May 2021 they fixed just 10 defects on our local roads and in June they really upped their game and fixed a massive….wait for it……….. 11 defects on our local roads. Someone, somewhere needs a MASSIVE pat on the back for this.

Sadly pavement defects were down from May 2021 (18) to just a paltry (2)