A Boast About The Roundabout




Local Camera Club member and part-time MP, Mark Francois has posted this today.

Residents have endured months of disruptions to their journeys, but not just from this development but the thousands of houses being built all over the District by Tory donors developers.


The work to create a major new roundabout at the junction of Rawreth Lane and Hullbridge Road, on the outskirts of Rayleigh, is now almost complete, save for some remaining landscaping works and a final inspection by ECC Highways. I first saw the plans for this roundabout about five years ago and, although it was originally supposed to be completely finished by July 2021, I have been pressing the developers primarily responsible for the work, Barratt David-Wilson, to bring the project to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Moreover, as part of this project, the parking at Hambro Parade shops has also been tidied up and additional parking spaces have been provided, which is obviously welcome.

The new roundabout, which replaced the old mini roundabout nearby, was paid for by developers and has cost in the region of £2 million. Since it first opened to traffic, back in July, it has led to quite a speed up of traffic along Rawreth Lane, including at peak times and hopefully will now serve as a much-needed improvement to our local network.

Meanwhile and shamefully, the kids in Hullbridge have had a vital bus service cancelled by First Buses and the Mill Hall debacle rolls on…. we’re sure there are more pressing matters to attend to Mr Francois!

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  • The state of the vegetation is poor. The pedestrian crossing at Hambro Parade is a disgrace. The white markings are almost non existent and the lights don’t work Highways are aware as requested repair made in mid July and at East once a week since.

  • 30 days after Councillors Cannell and Smart met the Chairman of Essex County Council Highways Committee and asked for the vegetation to be cut back it actually happened. The next day a group of suited folk met to officially open it. Coincidence or pressure from your Councillors. I have asked a a motion to put at Town Council asking for regular 3 month opening events.

  • On Saturday 2workmen set up traffic lights and dug a trench. We all thought a working pedestrian crossing. On Monday the trench was filled in , the lights removed and the pedestrian crossing still doesn’t work.

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