Massive Lorry Movements to the Golf Course?

One of the planning applications last night was at Hanover Golf Coursein Hullbridge Road. They applied for some reshaping and landscaping of the existing golf courses, with some lakes to store water in. The environment agent had originally objected to the lakes but had now withdrawn their objection.

Councillors were startled by the amount of reshaping planned. The applicants estimated it woudl involve about forty-six 20-ton trucks a day for three years. . These trucks would be bringing soil and earth from a twenty-mile radius, mostly coming along Rawreth Lane and Hullbridge Road.

Chris said that he was worried by the amount of trucks that would be passing along Hullbridge Road. A resident had already contacted him, concerned that there was no footway or pavement outside Lubbards Farm, where there many activities including a childrens nursery, swimmng pool and horse-riding. He wanted to see the applicant provide a permanent footpath on that side of Hullbridge Road from the junction with Rawreth Lane up to the entrance to the farm.

The applicants were sitting at the back of the chamber and called out that they were agreeable to this. (This is not the normal way to negotiate on planning applications!)

Councillors were a little puzzled about what to do . There was a lot of information to absorb and a lot to consider. Should we refuse it, pass it or delegate it to the officers? In the end Chris proposed that a special meeting of the committee be arranged for a couple of weeks time, just to decide this one application. He was supported by independent councillor Joun Mason, and this was agreed.

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  • On reading the comments surrounding the truck traffic I was worried. I then related it to the 900 vehicle flow that will permanently be produced if ASDA succeed in building their superstore at the former Park School. In comparison the former seems like a drop in the ocean

    I am aware that the Golf Club has been in decline over a number of years and am worried that if the venture by the new owners is not successful will they sell it on for redevelopment.
    Personally I would rather suffer the short-term traffic and have flourishing green Golf Course as a neighbour than have the two towns, Rayleigh & Hullbridge, linked by houses.

    We should not be making it difficult for leisure groups that are trying to invest in our towns

    Martin Hodson
    Resident of Ferndale Road.

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