Litter and Fencing in Sweyne Park




We recently contacted the council about the amount of litter, dog fouling and the replacement of some of the fencing in Sweyne Park. Today we’ve received a response back from the officer responsible.

Thank you for raising the issues regarding litter and dog-bins. Initially, I will ask Officers to take a pro-active approach to the monitoring of the grounds maintenance contract, particularly in terms of litter picking and the schedule of when the bins are emptied. This will allow us to gauge whether further bins would be beneficial, of whether the service has not been delivered to the correct standard.


We have informed the fencing contractor to proceed with the installation of the new barrier now that the flood alleviation works have apparently been completed. We are currently seeking confirmation of an date when these works will commence.

We will be watching on whether this improves the situation. In the meantime, we will be taking a proactive approach, in the form of the Big Litter Pick – details here

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