Council Tax Rises to Fund Police




Reading the Facebook comments on this post from The Echo, people are asking when they can expect to see Council tax increases to stop. We’re inclined to agree. People do not have a bottomless pit of money to pay increase upon increase in council tax, fuel bills, food bills – nothing seems to get cheaper but we are expected to absorb these rises into our family budgets. There needs to be better budgeting by police service and nationalise procurement to achieve better value for money. Council tax rises have to stop  

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  • A bit of good old lefty liberal scaremongering here, we are talking about a possible increase of £1 per month. Most people will willingly pay that to get more police on the streets.

    • We think that is the concern. Will it be more boots on the ground or will they be drafted to fight cybercrime? We’ve already heard from the PCC that there is an upward trend with cybercrimes. The resources have to come from somewhere.

      • We need lots of big hairy coppers out on the streets and roads nicking the criminals, yobs and anti social half wits that blight our communities. Cybercrime could be dealt with by “Backroom Techies” who can advise the police as to when they need to get involved. And have you noticed, those poor hard done by people that moan about the cost of living always seem to have the money for another tattoo….and a Staffie…

        • I just checked – none of us have a tattoo or a staffie! 😉 ‘Prevention is better than cure’ – Perhaps cyber ‘education’ would help ease the burden on the police resources, but is the public interested in being savvy or happy to play the victim? Yes there is low level cyber crime that could be tackled and of course the more sophisticated type. If only all of our community did our ‘bit’? As for big hairy coppers, isn’t that the lot that TM cut – now she is trying to replace them with an army of fresh faced, inexperienced recruits and volunteers

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