Is There Room In The Lib Dems For A Pro-Brexit Liberal ? – 100 Lib Dems Give A View




Someone who supports Brexit posed that specific question on the Lib Dem Voice website :

“….This country needs a strong and vocal opposition and one that is capable of opposing the Tories across the length and breadth of Britain. Labour clearly either can’t or won’t do this, so the Lib Dems appear the only sane voice of reason opposing the increasingly extreme Tory government across England, Scotland and Wales.

I believe passionately in wanting a health care system the envy of the world which is open to all irrespective of their ability to pay. I believe in education being the driver of social mobility and want the best quality schools for all our young people. I want an economy that is healthy and vibrant but not at the expense of the environment or those who earn the least. I believe in freedom of expression and the liberty of the individual. I believe that our foreign policy shouldn’t come at the expense of others but from cooperation rather than confrontation….

…Is there still room for someone like me – one of the 52% – in the Liberal Democrat Party of today?”

There have been a lot of comments – at least 100 – and the overwhelming response was a friendly YES. Have a look for yourself here at a very civilised discussion.

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  • An ” increasingly extreme Tory government” – what a stupid thing to say although probably not a surprise from a party that contains Nick Clegg….

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